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Series Felsenwolf 2012: PHOTOGRAPHY winners of the 2nd contest on Artavita

The *wolf was once the most widespread mammal in the world next to humans: until the Neolithic period, wolves were found almost throughout the entire northern hemisphere. Today, however, they live only on less than two thirds of the original habitat.

From many parts of Europe the wolf disappeared even completely - and there, where it was exterminated by humans. In Germany, for example, the last evidence of a wolf pack disappeared around 1850 in Brandenburg. In 1990, the animals were placed under legal protection throughout Germany and the foundation stone for the return of the wolves was laid.

The wolf in Germany (*Eurasian wolf - Canis lupus lupus) 
Master Isegrim - a character study in four pictures.

There are many different opinions about whether animals have a soul or consciousness. Some people believe that animals like wolves have a soul, while others believe that they only have instincts and reflexes.
However, the question of whether animals have a soul is more a matter of faith or philosophy than science. There is no scientific method to prove or disprove the existence of a soul.
As for the question of animal consciousness, there is increasing scientific evidence that many animals, including wolves, have consciousness. Studies have shown that many animals have complex cognitive abilities and emotional responses that could be associated with consciousness.
When I look at these glimpses, there is no doubt in my mind.....

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the reintroduction of the wolf in Europe and thus also in Germany has gained momentum. Against the background of the worldwide as well as the Germany-wide loss of biodiversity, this is a positive development and shows that especially the strict protection on national and international level is effective. 

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*Images of wolf, bear and lynx have been taken under controlled conditions.

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