About me

Heinz is a creative visual artist who specializes in encounters with wildlife and the spiritual moments of these encounters. To realize these intentions, he spends weeks on the road in nature using the simplest of means. He lives several months a year on his property in Lapland, near the great national parks: Sarek, Muddus, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallets. During his excursions into the wilderness, he encounters animals and nature in a special way. (Anna H. - artist)

About me

Born in 1961, Tutzing, Germany

The beginning of serious photography I started in 2006. A good time, because at that time digital photography began to liberalize the photo market.  You could now offer your pictures without a darkroom and expensive development costs. Since 2009 I participate in international photo competitions.

Being in nature, observing wildlife, being there in wild landscapes are spiritual experiences for me that I want to capture and share. My approach is that most wildlife responded to my presence, so that they can see, hear or smell me, to then capture this spiritual moment. With this I want to highlight how differently wild animals, even of the same species, behave towards humans and how individual and remarkable each one of these creatures is.

When these magical moments are processed into perfect fine art prints, hang in a good place and bring joy to other people, it is my drive and motivation.


November 2021

Hi Heinz, 

CONGRATULATIONS on being a Nominee at the 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards with: 

Nominee in Wildlife | Pottwalfluke und Mond 
Nominee in Wildlife | Silberreiher 

6,211 entries were received from 75 countries and your work received a high percentage of votes overall. Certainly an achievement, well done! 

Congratulations once again, we wish you a most successful photography year.

Basil O'Brien
Creative Director 



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