About me


My name is Heinz Effner and I was born in 1961 in Tutzing, my places of residence are in Weilheim i.OBB and in AlIoluokta in Lapland.

Heinz Effner is a creative visual artist who specializes in encounters with wildlife and the spiritual moments of this encounter. To implement these projects, he is on the road for weeks with the simplest means in nature. He lives several months a year on his property in Lapland, near the large national parks: Sarek, Muddus, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallets. During his excursions into the wild, he encounters animals and nature in a special way. (Anna H. - Artist)

About my work

Photography is a great way to raise awareness of wildlife, to show it in its natural environment, and to awaken compassion and interest in it. Photography can convey to the viewer the valuable life of every single species.
The outstanding feature is that a picture can be "read", all over the world, by every human being.My main focus is the presentation in the context of their environment, their individual character and their specific charisma. Unfortunately, most people judge wildlife by "useful" and "beautiful" animals and not by the incredible achievements the animals make in their respective "niches". We need an attitude of unprejudiced respect that allows us humans to behave more morally in our dealings with animals.
The basis of my work is the deep respect for our nature and our environment.

Awards & Exhibitions

2017-2018 4TH FAPA (FINE ART PHOTOGRAPY AWARDS) - Wildlife/Animals: professional nominees Heinz Effner- Rothirschbrunft (Single) - Unglückshäher (Single)

2014/2015 Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) announces winners of 1st FAPA competition.
Photographer was nominated in Wildlife / Animals for the entry entitled Vogelschwarm. | 2014: Honorable Mention for your participation in the 8th art contest on Artavita - "Wilde Rentiere" | 2013 - Einzelausstellung / Single exhibition 01.12. 2013 - 31.12.2013, Motto: "Kunst aus der Wildnis" - Produzentengalerie; 88085 Langenargen, Untere Seestraße 72013 | 2013: International Photography Awards Announces Winners of the Competition - Wildlife category- "Wild Reindeer" | 2013: EXPOSURE 13 exhibition in New York - See ' Exhibition Space 26-19 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY 111012013   | Einzelausstellung: Single exhibition at the company "EADS" (a leading enterprise of the aviation and astronautics) of the 1/7/2013 - 3/1/2013, Ottobrunn (Headquarters). | 2013: Honorable Mention for your participation in the 4th art contest on Artavita - Eismakro | 2012: International Photography Awards Announces Winners of the Competition - Honorable Mention in Nature - Wildlife category for the winning entry "Rehbock."; "Silver gull."; "Swan portrait ." | Honorable Mention in Fine Art - Other category for the winning entry "Dragonfly." | 2012: Honorable Mention awarded in the artavita 2nd art Contest- "Waldren" | 2012: PHOTOGRAPHY winners of the 2nd contest on Artavita - "Serie Felsenwolf"2012 |  PDN 2012 Faces Photo Contest winner" - Animal Portraits! - "Rosaflamingoporträt" | 2011, 2012: Auction modern art, contemporary painting, sculpture and photographs in Paris with the pictures "Ammereichen" and "Winterwischer" - AUCTIONEER BERTRAND FRAISSE (Etude Giraudeau) | 2011: One Life Photography Competition - egret/Silberreiher | 2011: International Photography Awards Announces Winners of the Competition - Fine Art: Other category - "Silberreiher" | 2011: Nominated for Palm Art Award - Leipzig | 2011: Who's Who in Visual Art . Vol.  | 2011-2012: 100 Fine Art Photographers - 2010: Finalist - European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award - Silberreiher" |  | 2010: International Photography Awards Announces Winners of the Competition - Nature/Wildlife Professional - "Felsenwolf_01"