"Ammereichen 2010" 
Heinz Effner 

The camera in your hands is like a brush, with which you can capture beauty, each picture is a poem that you compose, and in it, nature dances its story.


Impressions of oaks in winter in the Weilheimer Moos 2010

Getting up early in the morning and going on a journey of discovery in the homeland is always exciting! To go off without much preparation, simply take in the moods and engage with the now and the here is very spiritual for me.

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Modern agriculture faces a variety of challenges, both ecological and social in nature. While the agricultural industry aims to feed the growing world population, this often comes at the expense of the environment and social justice.

One main issue is intensive land use, leading to soil erosion, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Monocultures and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroy natural ecosystems and harm the environment. Additionally, large areas are used for growing feed for livestock, contributing not only to deforestation but also consuming vast amounts of water and energy.

Another problem is social injustice in agriculture. Small-scale farmers and rural communities often suffer from lack of support, while large agribusinesses dominate and push prices down. This leads to a loss of agricultural diversity and cultural heritage, while poverty in rural areas increases.

Urgent action is needed to address these issues. This includes promoting sustainable farming practices such as agroforestry and organic farming, which regenerate the soil and promote biodiversity. Additionally, fair trade practices and supportive policies must be introduced to empower small-scale farmers and ensure food security for all. Only through a holistic approach can we achieve sustainable agriculture that meets people's needs without endangering the future of the Earth.

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*Images of wolf, bear and lynx have been taken under controlled conditions.

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