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Finn the wolf

A fairy tale of the good wolf

Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest inhabited by all kinds of animals. Among them lived a wolf named Finn. Finn was a good-natured and loving wolf who always tried to keep harmony and peace.

However, in the forest there was a misunderstanding and prejudice against wolves. The other animals were afraid of them and avoided their company. Finn often felt lonely, but he did not let this discourage him. He decided to show the animals that not all wolves are evil and dangerous.

One day, the forest was visited by a great threat. A fearsome bear was roaming the area, spreading fear and terror among the animals. They were helpless and did not know how to defend themselves against the bear.

Finn heard about the animals' fears and decided to act. He set out to find the bear and talk to it. After a long search, he found the bear deep in the forest. Instead of attacking it, Finn relied on understanding and compassion.

He started a conversation with the bear and learned that it was only so angry and aggressive because it had been suffering from hunger for a long time. Finn had an idea. He promised the bear to help him find food in return for leaving the forest and the other animals alone.

The bear was skeptical, but he finally agreed. Finn led him to a spring where there were many fish. The bear was overjoyed and thanked Finn for his kindness. From that day on, the bear changed his behavior. He was no longer dangerous but became a vigilant protector of the forest.

The other animals in the forest saw the bear and Finn living peacefully side by side. They realized that Finn was different from the other wolves and began to trust him. They were fascinated by his kindness and the courage he had shown to appease the bear.

Finn became a role model for all the animals in the forest. He taught them that prejudice can be overcome and peace can be made when people treat each other with respect and kindness. From then on, the forest shone in harmony and all the animals lived peacefully together.

And so, ends the story of the good wolf, who brought peace to the forest through his magnanimity and proved that even a wolf can carry his heart full of kindness.

2023 Heinz Effner 

Bado the bear

Once upon a time there was a majestic forest where lived a good-natured bear named Bado. Bado was no ordinary bear. He had a warm heart and a special connection with nature. All the animals in the forest appreciated him for his kindness and helpfulness.

One day Bado heard a sad sobbing from a distance. Curious, he followed the sound and discovered a little owl named Emily. Her wings were injured and she could no longer fly. Bado rushed to her rescue and gently carried Emily to a safe place in his bear bau.

Bado lovingly cared for Emily and tended to her wounds. He taught her how to climb in the trees and gave her comfort when she longed for her lost flight. In time, they became best friends and spent many happy hours together in the forest.

One day Bado learned of an impending storm that threatened the forest. He knew that the animals were in danger and decided to help them. He invited them all into his cave, which was large enough to provide shelter for everyone. Bado made sure all the animals were safe and had enough to eat while the storm raged.

After the storm passed, Bado began clearing the forest of debris. He called on all the animals to join in a cleanup effort. Together they removed the fallen trees and the trash that had been scattered by the storm. The forest shone again with its natural beauty, and all the animals were grateful for Bado's efforts.

News of Bado's generosity and bravery spread throughout the kingdom. Other animals were inspired by his example and began to work to protect the forest as well. Bado became the leader of a community of animals who worked together to bring harmony and prosperity to the forest.

Years passed, and Bado became a legend in the forest. His story was told from generation to generation, and his name was spoken with honor and respect. The forest thrived under his care, and the animals considered him their protector and friend.

And so Bado, the good bear, lived his life in harmony with nature and the community of animals, while his legacy lived on as a symbol of goodness and cohesion in the forest.

2023 Heinz Effner

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