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NFT stands for "non-fungible token" - a token is a digital certificate of ownership. It proves that you own a digital work of art, for example. NFTs can be issued for all kinds of digital objects. In art, for example, for digital photos.

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NFT's: Each picture can be bought as a unique "NFT" on "OpenSea", you are welcome to send me a request.

Fine Art Print
Image dimensions, editions (Unique pieces) and prices

But not only linger on the display, The pictures should continue to live, Printed on paper, so bright and fine, Their beauty can float forever.

The crackle of the paper, the true colors, A touch of wilderness, within reach, Nature lives on, year after year, In every picture we create, yes.

So we hang them on the wall, The photos that touch our souls, A window to the world, so colorful and grand, Nature, close enough to touch, to feel. 


It's a wonderful experience to be engaged in an activity that is not only important to yourself, but also brings joy to others. As a photographer, it's a fulfilling task: the art of capturing special moments and impressive impressions and turning them into artistic prints. These works can then be placed in a special place to bring joy to other people.

Prints: Processing and price on request, image size and editions (Unique pieces) are noted in the image. 


The materials used have an archival life of more than 250 years before visible fading begins....

Signed, numbered and commented

The print is signed and numbered by me on the back and each print contains information about how it is processed.

Ink & Paper for Fine Art Prints

State-of-the-art inkjet printers, archive pigmented ink and selected fine art papers from Canson and Hahnemühle are used. My art prints are processed with a white border around the photos.

Individual possibilities

In addition to the editions listed above, I can print my photographs in additional limited editions (in very small runs or as individual editions), using different print sizes and materials/printing techniques than the series listed above.

Fine Art Pigment Print behind Acrylic Glass

Your image brilliant and permanently sealed

The construction in a sealed three-layer system with aluminum dibond as a stable back wall not only provides optimal protection for the printed motif, but also makes your image particularly resistant and durable.

1.ACRYLGLASS - Glossy acrylic glass in 4 mm thickness.

2.FINE ART PAPER - Fine Art Paper - Aging-resistant special paper for high-resolution pigment prints with an especially large color gamut.

3.BACKWALL - Stable, 3 mm thick aluminum dibond back wall

Passepartouts and frames

Passepartouts as a design element: pictures skilfully set in scene

The passepartout skilfully sets the scene for your work by directing the viewer's gaze away from the frame and a possibly colorfully unsettled wall towards the picture.

In addition to all the design aspects, the passepartout can score with another positive property: In any cardboard quality, it creates a distance between the glass of the picture frame and the work to be displayed. This distance means that the picture and the glass are not in contact, which prevents the picture from sticking to the glass and being damaged when you want to remove it from the picture frame to change it. So your valuable pictures are effectively protected by the passe-partout.

As picture frames I use the magnetic frames from HALBE.

With HALF magnetic frames you buy a quality product directly from the manufacturer, Made in Germany.

Facts: Finally, I offer high-quality passepartouts with a thickness of 2.5mm in museum quality. Age-resistant according to DIN ISO 9706; coloured core material; acid-free by buffering with calcium carbonate; pH value 8.0 - 9.0. The picture is mounted in a white folding mount.

As picture frames I use the magnetic frames from HALBE.

With HALBE magnetic frame you buy a quality product directly from the manufacturer, Made in Germany. 

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*Images of wolf, bear and lynx have been taken under controlled conditions.

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