"Birch triptych 2009"
 Heinz Effner 

The silence of the forest is like a sound, that gently embraces your soul, and the air, filled with the scent of earth, envelops your heart with freedom.


Winter in Weilheimer-moss 2009

Birch triptych

I like birch trees very much. They are tough, adaptable and sympathetic ....

As the hardiest deciduous tree of all, the birch is the "Tree of the North". It is the national tree of the Finns and plays the main role in numerous myths.
Due to the birch tar stored in the bark, even wet birch wood burns. In addition, all parts of the birch are usable: the birch sap in the spring is a healthy vitamin drink, the leaves give a tasty, slightly tart salad and the branches of the birch can be processed as brooms...

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